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Why Auto Parts For TOYOTA Spare Parts Can Only Be Prepared
Jul 01, 2017

Users in the use of the process, not because the car ran a number of kilometers, put the original tire into spare tire use. As the Auto parts for TOYOTA spare tire, the original tire production time is not the same, tire aging, hardening, life, deformation are not the same, so long use is not safe. Auto parts for TOYOTA spare parts should be in emergency use, the timely replacement of the original tire.

In addition. Ordinary low pressure tire pressure between 2 to 2.2 "pressure" between. While the spare tire is between 2.7 and 3.2 "air pressure". High-pressure spare tire one is to ensure the shape; the second is to reduce the high speed when the probability of puncture, but not a long time, high-speed use. Owners in the spare tire should be timely to find professionals to adjust the tire pressure, the pressure transferred to a safe state.

In the store, the transfer of Auto parts for TOYOTA of the original use of the tire is a strict requirement, spare tire should not participate in the tire, Auto parts for TOYOTA tire tire itself is weighing in different parts of wear and tear. And now do not advocate around the tire before and after the tire is also a different problem of wear and tear of the tire due to different wear and tear, to participate in the tire will increase the insecurity increased.

There are drivers who have had long-term use of spare tire. Leading to Auto parts for TOYOTA spare tire tire of the tragedy, to the owner must remember the prison Oh.

Encounter unexpected events such as know how to "self-help", can reduce the degree of damage to the vehicle and reduce casualties

Case one: automatic flameout, hand brake life-saving

Pull the handbrake should pull the grid.

Director: Mr. Zhou Age: 80 Occupation: real estate industry

Case Description: Mr. Zhou earlier to drive home, a way down the slope, the car suddenly slow down Mr. Zhou habitually stepping on the brake slowdown, and depress the clutch downshift. Unexpectedly, the clutch did not rebound, the vehicle jitter after the automatic flameout, brake pedal lock, brake performance suddenly failed. After the vehicle suddenly turned off, the steering wheel locked (the magnitude of rotation is not), because in the downhill section, so the vehicle can not stop. Seeing that the car will be followed by the end of the car. Fortunately, Mr. Chow has a wealth of driving experience, coupled with the reaction is not chaotic to resolve the danger, to avoid a traffic accident.

Master Weapon: If it is manual transmission models. Pull the handbrake should be driven by the grid, can not suddenly pull the handbrake, or the rear wheel will be locked to stop the rotation prone to slip at the same time, the brake effect is basically lost. More dangerous. If it is automatic models. Although the brake failure, but also try to step on the brake pedal, and then slowly pull the handbrake, slow down to stop on the line. Encountered danger to immediately open the double flash warning light to remind the car after the attention, which can greatly reduce the probability of accidents.