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What Is The Role Of Car Washing
Feb 18, 2017

In general, the car is not only to make the car clean and bright, lively as new, its main purpose is to maintain, that is, car care is the most basic work of car maintenance.

In addition, to extend the life of the car paint is mainly maintenance, that is, car wash car body maintenance is the basic work. The paint used in modern cars is a protective finish that provides brightness to the body. However, the paint and then hard, thick film, after a long period of weathering, acid rain, high temperature, light, leaves, guano, insects and other special environment, and failed to timely care, but also to paint a lot of bad influences. Which chemical pollution of the rain or melted snow, the most serious damage to the paint. Sunlight UV through the body of the acid rain water droplets, spotlight penetration ability is strong, if not timely care, it will produce extremely difficult to deal with the surface of the paint, and the continuous deposition of harmful substances, corrosion, penetration , So that paint paint fade, loss of luster, the formation of oxide layer. How to ensure that after a week or rain and snow after washing? Usually with car wax dust to remove the body of the dust, the paint can be the most basic protection, less harmful substances by the outside world.