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What Are The Prospects For The Auto Parts For TOYOTA Industry?
May 24, 2017

Auto parts for TOYOTA of a wide range, now more and more cars brand, the type of car is also more and more. The car can be divided into two types of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, which refers to the vehicle seat is less than nine seats (including the driver's position), to carry the main purpose of the vehicle. Specifically, the passenger car is divided into basic passenger cars that are cars, MPV models, SUV models and other models such as pickup and so on.

Commercial vehicles refer to vehicles with more than nine seats (including drivers) or vehicles with the main purpose of loading. Specifically divided into: bus, truck, semi-trailer, passenger car is not complete, cargo non-complete car.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption of cars is also more and more, Auto parts for TOYOTA for TOYOTA of the market has become increasingly large. In recent years, Auto parts for TOYOTA manufacturers are also rapid development.

According to the forward-looking industry research institute released "2015-2020 China's Auto parts for TOYOTA manufacturing industry in-depth market research and investment prospects forecast analysis report" data show that in 2013 China's Auto parts for TOYOTA manufacturing industry, the number of enterprises above the scale of 10333, to achieve sales The amount of 270.95 billion yuan; product sales profit of 321.709 billion yuan, a total profit of 1886.33 billion yuan, the indicators were significantly higher than the previous year. However, the data is not as good as it looks. Report data also show that foreign parts and components enterprises to account for less than the number of parts and components enterprises in China 25% of the scale, to achieve nearly 45% of sales revenue, total profit is more than 50%, while the number of enterprises accounted for more than 75% Of the domestic enterprises, the total profit of less than 50%.

The reality of the situation is a good reflection of the data that the problem. At present, China's domestic parts and components enterprises are mainly concentrated in the low-end market of Auto parts for TOYOTA production, the advantages of products including automobile wheels, cylinder blocks, connecting rods, glass, filters, drum brakes, pumps, radiators, flywheels, Battery, etc., and in the high technological content, large profit margins of large air-conditioning systems, transmission systems, braking systems, steering systems, energy-saving and new energy automotive core components, as well as electronic control and other core components are basically monopolized by foreign-funded enterprises.

In the past few years, the prosperity of the automobile market has led to the rapid development of China's Auto parts for TOYOTA industry. However, the rapid development of spare parts market has not changed the overall competitiveness of China's auto parts industry. China's auto parts industry bigger and stronger still still long way to go.