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What Are The Most Fake Goods In Auto Parts For TOYOTA?
Jul 20, 2017

Now on the market on the Auto parts for TOYOTA the fake, and some we can not see, some are we see also do not understand, some we do not know, today to share with you.

First talk to everyone is not see, for example, is the Auto parts for TOYOTA oil.

Auto parts for TOYOTA oil this thing, now the fake can not say that is directly, you cottage look, "Coca-Cola" into "Coca-Cola", not have such a thing.

Often this is the authentic oil used up, the real bottle, the fake that oil poured into the shoddy so sold, so that we ordinary consumers to identify quite hard.

That before we buy oil when more is to see the packaging is not fine, printing o not ok, there is no security what, and now the bottle itself is true, then how to look at it?

Relatively important, it is to see this cap there is no secondary welding of this traces.

If it is welding up to see what you lump out of this kind of, like this plastic round and round, then it is likely that the inside of the bottle thing is not true.

Oil is a headache place is that I put it into it, a short time whether it is good or bad, really or false, this engine it is to turn up, that is able to normal operation.

It is difficult at a particular point in time to determine whether the real Auto parts for TOYOTA or fake goods, often a long time to see people, open a long time to know my car in the end with good or bad.

It is used to leave it, it may be too late at that time, this is a very headache place.

So what is it like glass water?

Glass water this thing do not look at it cheap, fake particularly, why? We use the diligent, consumption is relatively large.

It is this fake, mainly fake in its recipe inside, especially our friends in the north with this winter with the glass of water, it is a freezing point.

That is minus 20 degrees, for example, do not freeze, then we can continue to use the North, but it is marked there may be written minus 40 degrees, the actual only to minus 30 degrees.

Do not look at the difference of ten degrees, the cost of the form of a lot of money above a lot of money, we are likely to buy a lot of money, a considerable headache.

That the southern friend may not care about the freezing point, on the daily use of it, then it and the chemical composition of which there is a considerable relationship.

What irritant perfume makes you smell like, you can, in fact, it may accelerate the aging of the wiper blade, or that it is in the wiping when there is noisy, even serious that the glass will be bad , Even scraping clean.

So that the glass of water this guy, really is a headache, the price is very cheap, so that is particularly cheap to be particularly careful.

Then I can not see a see, this really can not see, that is, three filters.

That the oil filter, or call the machine filter it, it is a iron inside the filter paper.