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What Are The Knots Of Auto Parts For TOYOTA? Why?
Oct 12, 2017

As we all know, the procurement supply is essential to the operation of the enterprise, but because of Auto parts for TOYOTA specifications, technical business is strong, the various types of goods procurement process difficult, the complexity of the sales situation, etc., Auto parts for TOYOTA In the procurement process will often fall into various difficulties, greatly reducing the operating efficiency of auto parts business.

1, "information knot"

Domestic Auto parts for TOYOTA market to produce as a leader, the upstream production enterprises and dealers exchange information, distribution, the final product and then to the end market. Due to industry concentration, the lack of liquidity in the case of some auto parts buyers lack the exact market dynamic information, regardless of vulnerable parts, basic pieces or cold parts, according to the catalog catalog manual on the name of the general procurement, resulting in a large number of Product backlog.

In addition, the quality of the supply of information access is more critical in the Auto parts for TOYOTA procurement plan, the procurement companies will choose a number of even dozens of manufacturers as an alternative, and its products to check one by one. But the same kind of auto parts products in the price, the quality of most manufacturers are very close to the vehicle model can also be used to match, and thus how to select the auto parts manufacturers to become the core of the procurement work. If the supply of information is not timely or there is a deviation, not only will lengthen the procurement cycle, resulting in the same quality with the price of the growing number of goods, cost-effective lack of level and gradient, the quality of procurement products will appear substandard, and thus affect the operational efficiency of enterprises.

2, "quality knot"

Automotive parts industry as the basis of the automotive industry, manufacturing process level is particularly important. At present, the auto parts products are divided into original parts and non-original parts (same parts). As the same parts market lacks the perfect certification standard, some fake and shoddy products appear in the market. Causing great damage. The quality of the product is also an important basis for procurement, in addition to quality policy, policies, laws and regulations, quality management standards, technical standards, the quality of the contract, inspection records, product certification, report, test equipment, And so on to become the standard of judgment.

3, "price knot"

Although the slogan of the price war has been shouted for many years, but the phenomenon of Auto parts for TOYOTA prices still exist, and OEM suppliers have also appeared in the use of non-original parts of the situation. Price and quality is always proportional to the lack of technical content, can only fight the price of vicious competition, profit decline in reason. For buyers, the excessive price-oriented will inevitably fall into the procurement errors.