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Spring And Summer Should Pay Attention To The Maintenance
Feb 18, 2017

1, the most subtle - acid rain

Beijing has been replaced by acid-free rain area and acid rain city "blacklist". In August 2006, 80% of Beijing's rainfall was "acid rain". Acid rain refers to the pH value of less than 5.6 rain or snow, and paint the chemical reaction, reducing the decorative effect of paint and protective capacity, so that the paint appears astringent and even small spots.

2, the most annoying --- guano

Is not only beautiful, if the next day on the car on the carnivorous treatment, the paint may be strong acid guano corrosive out of a pit. Friends of the Friends of the coating can reduce the attachment of guano, gently rub, you can remove the guano, will not corrode the paint.

3, the most three-dimensional attack --- iron powder

The air is filled with a lot of visible metal dust. In the exercise of the car, the iron powder in the role of inertia directly into the paint; and iron oxide oxidation, driving the paint from the inside to the outside of the rapid corrosion, is a real three-dimensional attack.

4, the most easily overlooked --- gum

The vehicle parked under the tree should be careful of the threat of gum. As the gums are transparent and colorless, careless owners are hard to find. Solidified gums can cause paint pits, which can cause cracks.