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Rescue Pieces Of Experts To Teach You Throttle Knowledge
Feb 18, 2017

Generally by the accelerator pedal to control the car throttle, also known as accelerator pedal, is to control the engine gasoline supply device.

Our normal use of the accelerator pedal method is that the foot with the cab floor as a support point, the soles of the feet on the accelerator pedal, the use of bone and joint movements to increase or decrease the supply of gasoline to achieve the effect of acceleration and deceleration. Step on the accelerator pedal also pay attention to the skills, the car just started, the accelerator pedal can not be a step on the low, just higher than the idle throttle on it, refueling should be linked with the clutch, release the clutch and step on the accelerator pedal to speed up, To be agile, and in the driving journey, according to the actual road conditions to increase or decrease the supply of gasoline to control the speed of the car, in the face of the slope should not step down the throttle, we only need to change the low gear, throttle step on the half Can be left and right. And when we are driving, that is, when the flame is turned off, we should release the throttle pedal before the flame, you can not slam the throttle.