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Master The Auto Parts For TOYOTA In Order To Be In The Summer To The Car Life
Jul 11, 2017

Master the Auto parts for TOYOTA in order to be in the summer to the car "life"

Your life is given to the air, and your car's life is you give! In the summer, the car faithful should also pay attention to these few Auto parts for TOYOTA conservation small details.

Summer air conditioning blows upwards

After the high temperature exposure, do not immediately open the air conditioning, the car temperature is often much higher than the temperature outside the car, so it is best to first ventilation for several minutes, to be inside and outside the air circulation and then open the air conditioning. If the engine is in a heavy load for a long time, the air conditioner should be closed temporarily. Refrigeration air-conditioning when the wind blowing the best up, because the cold air will sink, the best choice for wind direction gear blowing block, adjust the outlet up the best effect. Finally, pay attention to the destination before the first air conditioning, reduce the generation of odor.

Auto parts for TOYOTA tire pressure check to prevent the tire It is reported that many countries have tire pressure monitoring included in the ranks of the vehicle standard. Especially in the high temperature of the summer, the tire pressure of the vehicle is easily affected by the surface temperature caused by its index is too high. We all know that tire pressure is too high or too low may lead to the occurrence of puncture, which will lead to safe driving problems. So usually must develop a good habit of checking the tire pressure of Auto parts for TOYOTA.

For tires must be checked, if the pattern is worn to replace the new tires. The air pressure in the summer tires will increase with the temperature rise, often produce a puncture accident, while driving speeding, overload or emergency braking are prone to puncture. Therefore, it is possible to appropriately reduce the tire pressure, or to improve the physical properties of the tire more difficult to expand the helium.

Auto parts for TOYOTA body care - take preventive measures in the "burning"

Summer is a high incidence of spontaneous combustion of vehicles, this time if the owner of improper operation or the car because of the existence of the hidden danger of the vehicle, it is easy to cause spontaneous combustion, in order not to let such accidents occur, we must focus on car car oil and other lines, Aging should be promptly repaired to prevent spontaneous combustion.

Where the Auto parts for TOYOTA to remind you, do not sun exposure in the outdoor car wash, because the car wash water before the dry, will be formed in the car surface water droplets, this time the water to act as a convex Mirror, like a child when we use a magnifying glass to burn things, the light is concentrated at a little, the moment will produce a huge amount of energy, so that the paint to accelerate the oxidation.