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Interpretation Of These Auto Parts For TOYOTA In A Secure Configuration
Jul 01, 2017

Now consumers to buy a car, more and more focus on quality, safety is the most important, but the safety of Auto parts for TOYOTA are often arranged in English to name, do not know the owners really can not see why, Say it "it knows you, and you do not know it!" All today we come to explain these Auto parts for TOYOTA a headache in English.

1 and what is ABC,

ABC body active control system

Auto parts for TOYOTA ABC system enables the car to control the roll, pitch, yaw, beating and body height more quickly / accurately. The body of the small roll, the wheel camber angle changes are also small. The tire will be able to maintain good contact with the ground, so that the tire on the ground adhesion to improve the tire to play the role of brake. While the appearance of ABC overcomes the contradiction between setting comfort and handling stability. Maximize access to the vehicle on both sides of the vehicle.

2, what is ABD?

Auto parts for TOYOTA ABD Automatic Brake Differential

Toyota's auto parts ABD is a new product of the braking system, its main role is to shorten the braking distance, ABS, EBD, etc. with the application of emergency braking, the car will nod down. Car weight forward. And the corresponding car's rear wheel will bear the weight will be reduced, serious can make the rear wheel lost grip. At this time the equivalent of only the front wheel in the brake. Will cause the braking distance to be too long. And ABD can effectively prevent this situation, it can detect all the wheel speed to find this situation, a corresponding reduction in the rear wheel braking force to keep it with the ground to maintain effective friction, while the front wheel braking force to the maximum to achieve Shorten the braking distance.

3, what is ABS?

Auto parts for TOYOTA ABS brake anti-lock system

In the absence of ABS, if the emergency brake will generally make the tire lock, because after the lock tire and the ground is sliding friction, so the distance will become longer brake. If the front wheel lock, the car lost lateral steering force, easy to deviation; if the rear wheel lock, the rear wheel will lose lateral grip, prone to flick. Especially in the snowy road, when the emergency brake. More prone to the above situation

Auto parts for TOYOTA ABS is controlled by the brake hydraulic discharge, to achieve the wheel lock control. Its work process is actually locked - release - hold - release the cycle of work, so that the vehicle is always in the critical lock of the gap rolling state. ABD and ABS is that the Auto parts for TOYOTA ABS is to ensure that the emergency braking wheel is not locked. In order to achieve the purpose of safe control can not effectively shorten the braking distance. And ABD is through the EBD to ensure that the vehicle does not occur in the case of sliding. Allows the braking force to be maximized to effectively shorten the braking distance.

4, what is ASR?

Auto parts for TOYOTA ASR Accelerated Anti-skid Control System or Accelerated Stabilization Retention System

As the name suggests is to prevent the drive wheel to speed up the slippery control system, the purpose is to prevent the vehicle, especially the high horsepower of the car, at the start, and then accelerate the phenomenon of driving wheel slip to maintain the stability of the direction of the vehicle to maintain good control and the most appropriate The driving force to achieve a good driving safety.

5, what is BAS?

Auto parts for TOYOTA BAS Brake Assist System

In the event of an emergency 90% of the car drivers on the brakes lack of decisive, brake assist system is designed for this situation, it can be from the driver to step on the brake pedal speed detected in the vehicle encountered in the situation , When the driver in the emergency situation quickly stepped on the brake pedal, but the tread force is insufficient, the system will assist, and in less than 1 second time to increase the braking force to shorten the case in the case of emergency braking The braking distance.