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Details Determine The Success Or Failure ----- The Importance Of Auto Parts For TOYOTA
Jun 19, 2017

The ancients cloud: the details of the decision success or failure, a nail loss of a horse, a horse lost the boat. And for a car, what is its details? That is its parts.

A full-featured Toyota car will have its own high-quality Auto parts for TOYOTA, small to its lamps, big to its launch system, which are inextricably linked with Auto parts for TOYOTA. It is like a chef, his skills no matter how perfect, he must have a good raw material, the difference between the least, lost thousands of miles.

Twenty years ago, Chinese leaders wanted to let the Chinese car and international brands together to a new way to a joint venture, but because of China's long-term lack of communication with the world, everything seems so powerless, the advantages and disadvantages of auto parts and technology And Europe and the United States and other car powers can not be compared.

Now, with the high degree of contact with the world, China's auto companies have gradually improved the technology, but the vehicle business parts assembly model began to run very popular, these companies will be their own technology and imported high-quality auto parts Combined, so that Lee are pointing to their own, and the wrong thing, it belongs to those who had poor manufacturing capacity and only limited to their own low-quality auto parts business, they are not competitive, the basic loss of the automotive market.

Perhaps in some ways, this part assembly model is not desirable, it will not let the Chinese people have their own world car brand, but also have to say that those who run the assembly model of the enterprise is very smart, To choose a good Auto parts for TOYOTA, so that their company to become a winner. And we need to do is not to exclude this mode of operation, more is to think about how to produce high-quality Auto parts for TOYOTA, how to create our own brand of Chinese car brand.