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Brake Film Alarm Which Tips
Feb 18, 2017

1, driving computer tips:

General alarm will appear a red word "Please check the brake pads". Then there is an icon, is a circle, the outside is surrounded by a few dotted brackets. Generally show that close to the limit, and need to immediately replace.

2, brake pads bring their own alarm film Tip:

Some of the old car brake pads are not connected to the computer, but in the brake pads on the installation of a small alarm iron. When the friction material was grinding too fast when the brake disc is not grinding to the brake pads, but the alarm of the small iron. At this time the vehicle will be issued between the harsh metal friction "chirp" sound, that is, replace the brake pads of the signal.

3, a simple daily self-examination method:

Check the brake pads and brakes are thin, you can use a small flashlight to observe the inspection, when the inspection found that the brake pads of the black friction material system is not fast wear, the thickness of 5 mm below, it should be considered to be replaced.

4, car sense:

If the experience is relatively rich, when the brake pads do not have time you may feel the brake is relatively soft. what about this. Is to rely on your own driving for many years the feeling.