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Autumn Must Check The Seven Parts Of Auto Parts For HONDA
Jul 11, 2017

In the summer and autumn alternately, the saying goes, "a autumn rain a cold." The car used a lot of summer bacteria, breeds. It is necessary to have a thorough inspection and cleaning of the car. As the summer rain and more, the vehicle will often take some wading pavement, air conditioning condenser lower part will inevitably contaminated sediment, seriously affecting the air conditioning life. In the fall, the car will have a lot of leaves, the great harm to the car. Now let's take a look at the fall, Auto Parts for HONDA which are more than the inspection.

1, Auto Parts for HONDA inspection air conditioning filter

Air conditioning The regular cleaning can be done every six months. The best choice in the season, in the summer, we will be driving a lot of flying insects, leaves and other air conditioning system into the system. So the air conditioning filter cleaning is necessary. This can go to their own, manual to complete. If it is too dirty, it can only change one.

2, Auto Parts for HONDA inspection tires

Summer tires due to high temperature friction, wear will be compared to the General Assembly crack. Driving, the crack will increase. Therefore, the car faithful in the autumn season maintenance, should pay special attention to check whether the tire cracks, carefully detect the surface damage, to see whether the abnormal wear and tear to ensure traffic safety.

3, Auto Parts for HONDA inspection timing belt

In the summer and autumn exchange season, but also check the maintenance of the vehicle belt, so as not to break the belt, resulting in piston valve mechanical accident.

4, Auto Parts for HONDA inspection car interior

Seasonally, it is necessary to fully disinfect the interior of the car. Summer car carpet and the ground to lay the seat, the seat cushion and other interior, as well as some of the dead ends of the car may be covered with dust, easy to breed all kinds of bacteria. Once the day is cold, the windows are closed, the air inside the compartment begins to become cloudy, and the smell and the bacteria pose a hazard to human health.

5, Auto Parts for HONDA inspection body leaves

We have seen, in the autumn and night there may be covered with leaves on the body, leaves in the leaves after leaving, will slowly degenerate rot, and will release some of the liquid. If it falls on the car, it may cause damage to the paint. Therefore, for the safety of the vehicle, fall as far as possible not to stop under the tree, if there are leaves, you have to clean up the car leaves in time.

6, Auto Parts for HONDA inspection drainage leaves

In the 4S shop maintenance, we will often see many of the car's exhaust are also a lot of dead leaves, but very few owners to clean up. In fact, do not underestimate this leaves, if not promptly cleaned up, then, as time, increasing the leaves may be blocked drainage holes, if not get a timely clean up, will cause the parts rust aging, thus affecting the use of vehicles Performance, serious, leading to the car electronic module water. Replacement is expensive!

7, Auto Parts for HONDA inspection air conditioning inlet

Deciduous leaves are usually lost everywhere, if it happens to fall in the air outside the air inlet so it is possible to be sucked into the air conditioning outside the inlet. If you do not get clean up for a long time, the leaves will rot and degenerate, which pollute the air conditioning filter and produce odor.