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Auto Parts For TOYOTA Will Be Four Rounds Of Positioning It
Jul 01, 2017

Auto parts for TOYOTA of the four-wheel positioning, is through the positioning of the angle measurement to diagnose the vehicle for adverse symptoms, and to eliminate these symptoms in the general household car in the annual maintenance time to do about four wheel positioning is necessary, and some special conditions, frequent use The vehicle should be positioned once every three months.

Auto parts for TOYOTA deviation must do four rounds of positioning?

Most drivers find the car deviation, the first reaction is that the tires and suspension system problems, and hurried to do four rounds of positioning. In fact, there are many reasons for car deviation. Such as tread pattern wear degree is not the same will be partial, suspension system design problems or suspension of injury, deformation / shift, etc.

1, Auto parts for TOYOTA tire pressure is equal to the important cause of car deviation.

Every twenty thousand kilometers should change the location of the tire, because the drive wheel wear degree will always be larger than the other wheels, different friction will directly lead to deviation.

2 and under normal circumstances the new car due to suspension system failure. Resulting in the probability of deviation is very low, because the factory before the vehicles have been manufacturers of strict testing and adjustment.

But does not rule out the original design is a problem, such as the suspension of the steering rod and steering rod movement interference will affect the vehicle deviation. The former is due to the manufacture and adjustment of the error caused by the latter is due to the original design, and the latter caused more deviation to the right.

3 Auto parts for TOYOTA steering system will also affect the car's straight line.

The connector due to wear gap is too large or bearing, the main pin, bushing wear caused by loose, will cause the car in the swing in the ride. Can not maintain the normal movement trajectory. If it is steering arm, knuckle bending deformation, the general will cause the car one-way deviation.

The most serious is the vertical tie rod after the ball is seriously worn off. Will cause steering failure, when the car will be completely out of control.

4, and then there are some alternative things that make you mistaken for the car deviation.

In the high speed of the car. Horizontal wind will cause the car to deviate; has been leaning on the side of the road will cause deviation; side of the tire pressure will cause deviation and so on.

Second, do four rounds of positioning to pay attention to those things:

Under what circumstances the vehicle needs to do four rounds of positioning.

1 Auto parts for TOYOTA replacement new tires or collision accident after maintenance.

2, front and rear tires unilateral partial grinding.

3, driving the steering wheel too heavy or floating shaking.

4, straight when the car to the left or right deviation.

5, the vehicle daily maintenance: the new car driving 3 months later, after every six months or ten thousand kilometers to do a four-wheel positioning.

Normal Auto parts for TOYOTA after the four-wheel positioning vehicles will have the following improvements:

1, increase the safety of driving

2 and reduce the tire's abnormal wear.

3, to keep straight when the steering wheel straight, to maintain a straight line.

4, turn the steering wheel will automatically correct.

5 and increase the driving sense of driving.

6, to reduce the abnormal consumption of fuel consumption.

7, reduce the suspension components wear.