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Auto Parts For TOYOTA Tire Pattern Is Only Used To Increase The Friction Of Course Not
Oct 12, 2017

On the role of Auto parts for TOYOTA tire pattern, many people think that is used to increase the friction, I do not know where this speech came from. But today I tell you: Toyota car parts tires used to increase the friction of the argument, is really wrong!

Auto parts for TOYOTA Tire Pattern: "Increased Friction is not done by me."

If the role of Auto parts for TOYOTA tire pattern is to increase the friction, then the fast corner of the F1 car Toyota tires on the tire why there is no pattern? Does F1 racing do not need friction? On the contrary, F1 racing requires a lot of friction, so it did not use the pattern of bald tires. Because there is no Auto parts for TOYOTA tire pattern, Auto parts for TOYOTA tires and the ground contact area is greater, the friction is greater.

If you have a good physics in secondary school, then you will be very puzzled at this time, the physical formula given by the middle school is: f = μN, friction is only related to μ (friction coefficient) and N (positive pressure) Contact area has nothing to do. But this formula is given under the macro, from the microscopic point of view, the friction and contact area.

On the microscopic scale, the surface of the object is rough, when the two objects in contact with each other, their "real contact area" is far less than you see the contact area, "real contact area" to a certain extent, control of the friction size.

"The rough surface of the glass under the microscope"

You can imagine that the contact of two objects is like two "rough" surfaces. With the increase in pressure, the object deformation, "occlusion" will increase the degree of friction will become larger, so the friction and contact area related.

Those high-powered sports cars will use a wider Auto parts for TOYOTA tires, which also proves from the side of the friction and contact area, or to Lamborghini installed four bicycles Toyota car parts tire is not it good?

But this is only very rough speculation, friction is actually a very complicated thing, its specific model is difficult to calculate.

Since the friction is related to the area of contact, why does the car do not use the tire to increase the friction? Here, we have to say the most important role of Auto parts for TOYOTA tire pattern: the most important role of Auto parts for TOYOTA tires - drainage!

In the rain, the front of the water in contact with the tire will produce a certain pressure to the tire. For example: we put his hand into the tank to stir the water, will find the water will give back a reaction of the same force. However, the dynamic pressure generated by the water on the tire is proportional to the square of the speed. As the tire speed continues to increase and the dynamic pressure is balanced with the load of the tire, the tire is completely lost in contact with the road surface, floating on the water film, Lost with the ground friction. At this time the car will slip out of control, dangerous. So, we need tires to quickly tire the front of the water from the sides of the discharge, to keep the tire and the road contact.