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Auto Parts For TOYOTA Or The Presence Of Drag The Chinese Auto Industry
Oct 27, 2017

"Auto parts for TOYOTA strong automotive industry strong", more precisely, auto parts and the entire automotive industry is interdependent, with the relationship between the co-prosperity, who can not do without who. In recent years, the development of auto parts areas for the automotive industry has indeed brought strong support. Similarly, the prosperity of the vehicle market continues to drive the demand for Auto parts for TOYOTA, the increase in car ownership also led to the vigorous development of the market after the parts.

Needless to say, China's Auto parts for TOYOTA industry in recent years has made rapid development and significant progress. And when the car market growth slowed down, transformation and upgrading is imminent, we also see that the auto parts industry, there are some deficiencies may "drag" the automotive industry. So, what are the so-called deficiencies specifically reflected in what? In the 2017 China International Auto parts for TOYOTA Industry Annual Conference and Summit Forum held on September 20-22, from the vehicle, parts enterprises, automobile industry associations, scientific research institutions and institutions, experts, scholars gathered, which will focus Discussed this topic. Geshi car as an important forum for the full participation of the media, the relevant content is now summarized as follows, to share with you!

First, the development of China's Auto parts for TOYOTA industry is still lagging behind the vehicle

With the rapid development of China's auto industry, China's Auto parts for TOYOTA in the industrial scale, industrial chain coordination and achieved remarkable results. Data show that in 2016 China's auto parts and components of the main business income reached 3.7 trillion, an increase of 14.2%, total profit of 288.8 billion yuan, an increase of 17%, fixed assets investment is 868.5 billion yuan, An increase of 5.88%.

China Automotive Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Shi Jianhua said that in recent years, our parts industry growth rate higher than the vehicle industry, 2001-2016 Auto parts for TOYOTA industry compound annual growth rate reached 25.1%, higher than the same period the auto industry sales revenue 17.9 % Of the compound growth rate. In addition, China's auto parts industry, international trade for more than 10 years to maintain growth, of which 2016, China's auto parts import and export volume reached 948.46 billion US dollars.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Deputy Secretary for Industry and Equipment Qu Guochang also affirmed the achievements of China's Auto parts for TOYOTA for TOYOTA industry in recent years achieved at the same time, he also pointed out that we should clearly see the development of China's auto parts industry is still lagging behind In the vehicle, there are some key core technology is missing, high-end products market share is low, the core components rely on imports and other issues, compared to the vehicle industry, Auto parts for TOYOTA globalization and market characteristics of the more obvious, future industry competition More intense.

Second, the vehicle business with the external parts of the supporting enterprises unstable relationship

China Automobile Association data show that for a long time, the domestic companies supporting the vehicle self-contained system, the United States Department, Japanese, legal systems, Germany, South Korea are using their own supporting system and supporting enterprise parts and components, The vehicle group also maintains a relatively independent parts and components supporting system, the Department of vehicle and parts enterprises between each other less, the vehicle business with the external parts of the supporting enterprises unstable, small size and mutual trust and lack of reciprocity The Enterprises between the lack of a stable strategic cooperative relations, parts supply enterprises in a more disadvantaged position. Vehicle and parts enterprise technology development level is low. China's vehicle companies continue to require parts and components technology, quality escalation, but the lack of effective technical guidance for parts and enterprises and technical support.

The effective positioning of the whole relationship has an important role in strengthening the parts industry. Tsinghua University Automobile Industry and Technology Strategy Research Institute Zhao Fuquan has pointed out that the US Department, Japanese and European companies have different relations between the zero, the US Department is relatively more isolated, more open, Japan stressed that long-term cooperation, mutual penetration , Europe between the two. These models have their own advantages, but also have their own shortcomings. And many industry insiders pointed out that learn from Japan, the establishment of strategic relationship between the whole is not only feasible, but also very necessary.

The forum, Zhao Fuquan also shared its reorganization of the industry under the background of the new relationship between the new definition, a new understanding. He made it clear that we had to realize that the supply relationship was "obsolete" in the past. When the B2B to further deepen, parts must control the core technology "people are willing to accompany you to play." "I think the OEMs will be more and less concerned about the future of components, not even concerned about a module, it will be more concerned about a system, more concerned about the overall competitiveness of the product, then parts suppliers will build the system Module of competitiveness, but also to focus on the OEMs in the market competitiveness, rather than just do cheap to OK.