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Auto Parts For TOYOTA Of The Difference Between High And Low Prices
Jul 20, 2017

this is a true story

There is a Auto parts for TOYOTA sales staff asked Auto Parts: "Auto Parts City has a small stall operating small plant Auto parts for TOYOTA, the price is very low, it is difficult to deal with, how to do?" Auto parts boss asked: "Since the small stalls So powerful, why has been a small stall operation is not standardized production of small factory accessories, and we are a large auto company operating the well - known domestic car brand it?

In fact, Auto parts for TOYOTA in the market usually only play a "spoiler" role, lack of success, more than the event. In the confrontational competition, the high price is often upset by the low price upset or even frightened, but the low price is always difficult to eventually high prices, even in the face of high failure. Auto parts for TOYOTA without profit support, where the distribution of auto parts, after-sales service and where the money accessories inventory update! Low-cost strategy

Customers have always felt that Auto parts for TOYOTA expensive, lower prices, with my calculation of auto parts purchase costs, I would like to ask him:

Are the cost of the Auto parts for TOYOTA and the cost of the invoicing tax?

Auto parts for TOYOTA company store costs and warehouse rent plus it?

Does Toyota's auto parts company manage costs and inventory costs?

Auto parts for TOYOTA company door-to-door logistics costs and accessories out of the cost plus it?

Do you still have a sale?

But also the quality of three parts of Auto parts for TOYOTA?

Auto parts for TOYOTA price strategy: low-cost ignore the quality of auto parts itself, only to the customer to leave the impression of cheap accessories, so the low-cost auto strategy will die!

Auto parts for TOYOTA quality positioning, reasonable pricing, save a reasonable auto parts profits, in order to improve the auto parts of its long-term competitiveness and its sustainable development strategy!

Auto parts for TOYOTA service is the premise of profit, auto parts profit margins can be squeezed, but can not disappear, or together with the auto parts with the loss of auto parts service. Please do not blindly ask for excessive prices, each auto parts company or auto parts stalls have to survive, you take away their survival of the auto parts, auto parts service will disappear.

Please respect the auto industry, every car with people dedicated to the car after the market services, including our own! Sorry! Sometimes we will say to you: No, because we will be careful to do everything Auto parts for TOYOTA service, not only for you, responsible for our own, but also on the day driving the drivers running on the road safety Be responsible for!