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Auto Parts For TOYOTA Longevity Trick
May 24, 2017

With the Toyota automotive parts processing market increasingly fierce competition, environmental protection concept of the people, as well as the continuous upgrading and application of technology, the international auto parts processing industry in recent years, showing the following development characteristics:

① Auto parts for TOYOTA processing system supporting, modular supply trend in the ascendant

② Auto parts for TOYOTA processing and procurement of globalization

③ Auto parts for TOYOTA processing industry to speed up the transfer

Want Toyota car parts longevity trick as follows:

Avoid heat

The engine piston temperature is too high, easy to lead to overheating and burning cylinder; rubber seals, triangular tape, tires and other overheating, easy premature aging, performance degradation, shorten the service life; starter, generators, regulators and other electrical equipment The coil overheating, easy to burn and scrapped.

To avoid

Engine cylinder blades can not be installed in the installation can not be reversed, otherwise it will lead to premature ablation of the cylinder pad damage; engine fan blade can not be reversed; on the direction of tires, tonal tires, The word pointed to the rear.

Avoid dirt

Fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter and various types of filters and other parts if dirty, will lead to poor filtering effect. Water tank heat sink, air-cooled engine block and cylinder head heat sink, cooler heat sink and other parts too dirty, will lead to poor heat, the temperature is too high.


Engine bolts, flywheel bolts, drive bolts mounted on the drive shaft bolts, locking screws, inserts, or the like, which are installed in pairs, such as missing or missing, Spring pad and other anti-loose device, once missed, in use will likely lead to serious failure; engine timing gear room used to lubricate the gear oil nozzle once missed, will lead to serious drainage.

Avoid washing

For the engine paper air filter, can not use any oil cleaning; for leather parts, it is not appropriate to use oil cleaning.

Avoid oil

Engine dry air filter paper filter, such as stained with oil, easy to make the higher concentration of the mixture into the cylinder, so that the amount of air, fuel consumption increases, the engine power down; if the triangle tape stained with oil, Will accelerate its corrosion aging; brake shoes, dry clutch friction plate, brake belt and other stained with oil, will threaten traffic safety. Tire rubber is very sensitive to the corrosion of oil, contact with oil will make the rubber soften or peeling.


Tire tires if the long-term pressure storage and not timely flip, it will be deformed due to extrusion; air filter, fuel filter paper filter, such as the extrusion, and can not play a reliable role in filtering; Rubber oil seal, triangular tape, tubing, etc. can not be squeezed.

Avoid duplication

Some parts should be used once, individual drivers or repair workers in order to save or not understand the "taboo" and re-use, so easily lead to accidents.

To avoid fire

Tires, triangular tape, cylinder block water ring, rubber oil seal and other rubber products, if close to the fire, will be easy to aging deterioration or damage, on the other hand may also cause a fire accident.