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Auto Parts For TOYOTA Industry Is Becoming More Competitive In The Future
Oct 12, 2017

"Auto parts for TOYOTA strong automotive industry strong", more precisely, Toyota auto parts and the entire automotive industry is interdependent, with the co-prosperity of the relationship, who can not do without who. In recent years, the development of Auto parts for TOYOTA industry has indeed brought strong support for the automotive industry. Similarly, the prosperity of the vehicle market continues to drive the demand for Auto parts for TOYOTA, and the increase in car ownership has also led to the vigorous development of the market after the parts.

Needless to say, China's Auto parts for TOYOTA industry in recent years has made rapid development and significant progress. And when the car market growth slowed down, transformation and upgrading is imminent, we also see that the Toyota auto parts industry, there are some shortcomings may "drag" the automotive industry. So, what are the so-called deficiencies specifically reflected in what? In the 2017 China-based Toyota Auto Parts Industry Annual Conference and Summit Forum held on September 20-22, from the vehicle, parts enterprises, automotive industry associations, scientific research institutions and institutions leadership, experts, scholars gathered, which will focus Discussed this topic. Geshi car as an important forum for the full participation of the media, the relevant content is now summarized as follows, to share with you!

First, China's Auto parts for TOYOTA industry is still lagging behind the development of the vehicle

With the rapid development of China's auto industry, China's Auto parts for TOYOTA in the industrial scale, industrial chain coordination and achieved remarkable results. Data show that in 2016 China's Toyota auto parts enterprises above designated size of the main business income reached 3.7 trillion, an increase of 14.2%, total profit of 285.8 billion yuan, an increase of 17%, fixed assets investment is 868.5 billion yuan, An increase of 5.88%.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of Equipment Industry Deputy Director Qu Guochun also affirmed the Auto parts for TOYOTA industry in recent years made remarkable achievements, at the same time, he also pointed out that we should clearly see the development of China's Auto parts for TOYOTA industry is still lagging behind In the vehicle, there are some key core technology is missing, high-end products market share is low, the core components rely on imports and other issues, compared to the vehicle industry, Auto parts for TOYOTA globalization and market characteristics of the more obvious future competition in the industry More intense.