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Auto Parts For LEXUS Market Analysis
May 24, 2017

In 2003, Auto Parts for LEXUS sold 259,000 units and had eight different models, three of which were sporty luxury cars, and about 1.3 million cars with Lexus L-branded cars on American roads. However, Lexus can only say that in the United States won the initial success, but in luxury cars gathered in Europe, it is also more difficult to get the rich recognition. As the European luxury car market in the global market is more important position, Auto Parts for LEXUS out of North America to expand the pace of the world, will be prepared to put the strategic center for the Japanese luxury car is almost a nightmare for the European market.

In the birthplace of this luxury car in Europe, Mercedes-Benz rely on Stuttgart's feng shui treasure has been tenacious to survive for more than 100 years, from Bavaria, Munich, BMW car in the Kuantan family's support has also been standing in the global luxury car The top of the market; rely on the revival of the Volkswagen Group, the emerging luxury aristocratic Audi also issued to the world to enter the luxury car boss oath, "Germany Three Musketeers" began to attack the global luxury car market. However, the three German luxury car brands in Germany, the proportion of sales has remained below 30%, which Auto Parts for LEXUS 85% of the North American market share in sharp contrast, Auto Parts for LEXUS to prove that he is a global luxury brand, so First take the fortress of the global luxury car brand - Europe.

Beginning in 2002, Auto Parts for LEXUS began to test several times into the European market, Lexus plans to use 5 billion US dollars turns bombardment of the European market, this budget is the original Lexus into North America more than 2 times. But Lexus Europe Road is extremely difficult, in 2005 Auto Parts for LEXUS sales in Europe less than 20,000, in 2006 although the increase is good, but still only hovering around 30,000 sales with Mercedes-Benz and BMW more than 500,000 The sales volume of the car is very far apart. Lexus's European road is a long way to go.