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Auto Parts For LEXUS Is No Longer A Car Brand
Sep 25, 2017

Auto Parts for LEXUS brand will usher in new changes.

Last week, Lexus China executive vice president Jiang Jizhen also said that in the future, Lexus hopes to evolve from the traditional car brand to an emotional and experiential lifestyle brand.

Has always been, Auto Parts for LEXUS interpretation, showing the logic of luxury and style and traditional luxury brand is very different - in the mechanical performance Competition, material material PK, Lexus stick to the use of emotional philosophy to pass the distinctive luxury, from the " Yu pursuit of perfection, "the spirit of the brand, since 2012 in the design language on the bold breakthrough, and then to" ingenuity "IP and brand links, not only to the depth of the brand connotation, but also in the hearts of consumers to form a strong resonance sense.

Auto Parts for LEXUS releases a major strategy: no longer a "car brand"

In the Chinese market, with the consumer upgrades, the diversity of demand and changes in values, different from the traditional luxury luxury car brand, more vulnerable to the emerging consumer groups of all ages.

Data show that Lexus customers in the Chinese market mainstream age range is 33-35 years old, while the North American customers age is 55 years old. Obviously, in terms of Auto Parts for LEXUS, the Chinese market users are younger and more bold.

At the Detroit Motor Show in January, Lexus released a new brand slogan: Experience Amazing. Yesterday, I specifically asked a very good, more like Lexus friends, "Lexus to give you what is the feeling, can only use a word," he said, "there is always a sense of surprise," I said, you know What is the latest slogan of Lexus? He said, do not know. I said, is Experience Amazing.

Friends of Auto Parts for LEXUS "unexpected" inner feelings and Lexus new brand slogan "Experience Amazing" between the understanding, vividly embodies the Lexus brand and consumer communication success.