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Auto Parts For LEXUS Is Committed To Higher Energy Efficiency
Jun 07, 2017

Auto Parts for LEXUS believes that the entire lifecycle of a car should be taken into account in terms of raw materials, exhaust emissions and disposal, which will help to fully measure the impact on the external environment. Life cycle assessment system is born, in accordance with the above three clear indicators to help the car manufacturing and use, become more clean and environmentally friendly, and easier.

All research from the life cycle assessment system is found to be properly stored in the computer database, you are free to visit, and by comparing the results of the various indicators of research, you will believe that the concept of life cycle assessment based on the birth of a new generation of Auto Parts for LEXUS cars will always Keep in harmony with the environment.

Auto Parts for LEXUS is committed to the pursuit of higher energy efficiency, while the impact on the environment to a minimum. The car's own structural design is the best example of this sentence.

The widespread use of aluminum is conducive to reducing the body weight, from this perspective, can improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. In addition, there are new examples, unlike the traditional steering system, the electric power steering system (EPS) without hydraulic pump, only when you need to provide steering assistance, thereby reducing energy consumption. With anti-ultraviolet function of the window to block the heat into the car, and reduce the burden of car air conditioning, thereby saving energy. Light-emitting diode brake light also consumes less energy than ordinary light bulbs, while having a longer service life.

For a century, car power is a huge driving force for social development. In the meantime, automakers tried a lot of new technology, the pursuit of the ultimate performance of internal combustion engine, as seen today, but for Auto Parts for LEXUS, the future of the car to focus on coordination with the external environment, therefore, the target set As a result, through the development of more green, more environmentally friendly power system, and the concept of car life cycle to implement, to achieve zero exhaust emissions and high recycling rate.

The hybrid has provided a new power platform that has proven to be viable. On this basis, Auto Parts for LEXUS will continue to develop cleaner, more fuel efficient engines, and never reduce the cost of driving a minute, and other technologies such as fuel cells and other technologies to provide long-term options.

Ahead of the technology leader, continue to focus on the needs of owners, coupled with efficient production model, so that Auto Parts for LEXUS has full strength to develop a variety of effective measures to address the challenges of globalization of sustainable transport.