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Auto Parts For LEXUS ES300h Mix Is More Motivated
Sep 25, 2017

Auto Parts for LEXUS ES300h mix is more motivated. It is renowned for its elegant design and superior quality, but it is essentially a hybrid and passionate car.

In the new generation of ES300h models, Auto Parts for Auto Parts for LEXUS continued Lexus classic family design, with a sharp dynamic spindle-shaped grille and eye-catching L-shaped LED daytime running lights together to outline the domineering but dynamic head layout. When the line of sight transferred to the side of the body, clean and smooth waist line under the curtain bumper, the body four corners towards the direction of the wheel hub to tighten, with more affixed to the overall attitude of calm, making the performance characteristics of ES300h exposed.

The new generation of ES300h equipped with Auto Parts for LEXUS second generation of hybrid electric power system. 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle engine and motor cooperation, can produce 205 horsepower surging momentum. Peak torque up to 213 Nm. With the advanced electronic infinitely variable speed system, ES300h driving experience is undoubtedly very smooth. In addition, Auto Parts for LEXUS ES300h on the suspension and steering system has also been fully optimized, so the control will be more accurate. The front suspension, which incorporates a reverse coil spring, greatly improves the stability of the straight running, and the improved rear suspension will have an unprecedented cushioning performance.

With the advanced powertrain, the new generation of ES300h offers a variety of driving experiences in four different modes: standard mode, motion mode, economic mode and pure electric mode unique to the ES300h. In the pure electric mode, the power battery of the hybrid electric power system can drive the vehicle for short distance driving and realize the zero fuel consumption zero discharge. When the economic model is selected, the vehicle will maintain the good fuel economy; in the sports mode, Power system response more quickly, ignited the ultimate control of control.