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Auto Parts For HONDA Maintenance Can Not Be Ignored
Jun 19, 2017

Auto Parts for HONDA is the unit that makes up the whole car and serves the products of the car. Honda a wide range of auto parts, now more and more car brands, more and more car types. The car can be divided into two types of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, which refers to the vehicle seat is less than nine seats (including the driver's position), to carry the main purpose of the vehicle. Specifically, the passenger car is divided into basic passenger cars that are cars, MPV models, SUV models and other models such as pickup and so on.

1, automotive electrical accessories, automotive electrical accessories is one of the most important parts of the car, including the battery, battery clip, battery line, tail, starter, magnetic switch, one-way device, rotor, stator, carbon brush, carbon brush Tube, wiper motor, heater, heater, warm air switch, wiper intermittent relay, wiper switch, headlamp, small light, fog Lights, taillights, brake lights, switch lights, lights switch, light switch, fog light switch, double flash switch, all kinds of relays, light bulbs, insurance, wiper blades, flashers, etc. (too much, generally speaking of these ), In addition, there are GPS / navigation, GPS accessories, car GPS, Bluetooth GPS, handheld GPS, one machine GPS, GPS module, GPS charger, car map and other electronic equipment.

2, other Auto Parts for HONDA, including mainly like tires, car mats, car oxygen bar and other auto parts.

Auto Parts for HONDA shock recovery is often the problem is the oil spill. To know that once the oil spill, not only will affect the driver's driving process of stability and comfort, and is likely to lead to spontaneous combustion, in order to avoid such a tragedy in their own, we must focus on checking the cage protection. From a professional point of view, if the cage is broken, then the water will enter the car, a direct impact on the steering power, especially once a long time so, a lot of lubricant will be lost, the vehicle may even be completely scrapped.

Wheel bearings, do Auto Parts for HONDA maintenance, you can check the way the wheel bearings, the specific approach is to lift the vehicle, release the handbrake, rotating bearings, if there is sound, it shows that there are some abnormal bearings, it is best to further Check the lever is loose, if the rod is loose, for a rod assembly is clearly more suitable way.

Tire pressure should always be kept in the best condition. We know that thermal expansion and contraction is the nature of the original phenomenon, if the tire pressure is too high, it is likely to puncture, if the tire pressure is too low, it is likely to lead the tire contact area with the ground too much, it is fuel. In particular, it is important to remind that if the tread surface pattern has been worn to a position of 1.5 mm, the first time must be replaced.