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Auto Parts For HONDA Encountered Three Major Failures, Today Teach You Easy To Solve!
Jul 20, 2017

The battery is dead, no fire

Failure reasons: Although many Auto Parts for HONDA are using maintenance-free batteries, but if the battery is a problem, often difficult to find. In the journey, the battery voltage failure occurs, will cause the engine can not start.

Battery power is usually two cases, the battery life is generally 2 to 3 years, the battery life expires, it will suddenly stop in a parking; there is a long time we listen to the radio, forget the headlights, and anti-theft device Prolonged alarm, etc. caused the battery no electricity.

Suggested approach

1, by other vehicles traction, drag to start. 2, borrow the power of other vehicles launched. 3, the use of downhill launch.

1) Trolley or traction, if someone can assist in the use of traction or cart method, specifically into the car after the second gear, and then slam off the clutch does not lift, the person will push the speed of the push directly after the clutch , Make some oil, then the car will start. If the use of traction, the same method, but must pay attention to keep the distance.

2) the use of battery cable method, borrow other vehicles to charge the power, the specific method is: to prepare two relatively thick wire, if the market is purchased, generally divided into red and black. You can put one end of the red line to the front of the trolley battery, the other end of the battery received a positive charge. One of the black lines received the negative pole of the battery, and the other was connected to the metal part of the tram.

There is a tram to start, to drive the loss of the car car. Here we have to emphasize that the power supply of the car should be in the running state, the first to take the positive pole, and then lap negative; start, the first loose negative, and then loose pole pole. This can prevent the first take the negative after the middle of the accident to the positive and the body encountered, resulting in short circuit.

2, oil shortage alarm light

Failure reasons: oil red light, if not Auto Parts for HONDA sensor failure, the engine is generally lack of oil, in the absence of oil to continue driving, it is likely to cause the piston to break the cylinder, the car will suddenly turn off, not only dangerous , The next maintenance costs are also high ah.

Parking check

1) some cars are burning oil, the owners should be very experienced, you can add their own Auto Parts for HONDA match the oil. In the open suburbs without other vehicles to help, but also had to move forward, near and can not buy oil, you can temporarily to some stalls to buy soybean oil or peanut oil temporary, open to the repair shop should immediately change the oil, otherwise it will leave A lot of coke. At this time the last resort. If there are other vehicles, you can borrow oil from them.

2) If you do not accidentally hit the tank caused by oil spills, near the maintenance location, we can chew the chewing gum, paste in the fuel tank oil spill site, because the chewing gum can be tightly blocked after the dripping parts, very good The role of the emergency.

3) If it is because the impact caused by oil damage, do not add oil, and ask for road assistance it.

3, Auto Parts for HONDA brake light alarm

Failure reasons: If we encounter a long brake on the brake warning light, this time that brake fluid surface is not enough, the brake system may have leakage.

Auto Parts for HONDA to remind: at this time should not continue to drive, you must promptly add brake oil purchase, if the environmental factors can not buy brake oil, you can buy a high degree of liquor temporarily replaced, will not affect the braking effect, but not frequent braking , Emergency should immediately open to repair shop repair.

Before the trip to detect Auto Parts for HONDA brake system is normal, including: the degree of wear of the brake pads, but also pay attention to whether the oil is sufficient. Brake system of the pump dust cover should pay special attention, because if this component rupture into the dust, will lead to piston failure, resulting in car brake braking distance increases; if this component water, because the brake oil Mixed with water and a brake failure. Therefore, whether it is dust into the water or dust, must be a comprehensive brake system testing and maintenance treatment, to prevent long-distance driving brake failure.