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Advantages Of Auto Parts For LEXUS Oil And Gas Hybrid
Sep 25, 2017

This is a car owners in the car forum on the Auto Parts for LEXUS hybrid electric vehicle advantage, is the real car experience, we can understand together. Over the years, the progress of science and technology and economic development make our lives better and better. From a dozen years ago the streets of Santana to today's flourishing, the major brands of various models have been common in the road. The car gradually into our lives, every household has bought a car, the people gradually deepen the understanding of the car, car culture is gradually formed.

As a fan, and as a Auto Parts for LEXUS ES300h owners, I would like to talk about the Lexus car hybrid models of the advantages and disadvantages. Auto Parts for LEXUS is the first luxury car brand to be used in mass production models. At present, CT 200h, ES300h, RX450h and GS450h, LS 600hL are available for sale. Among them, CT and ES in the street has been more and more seen. This is also able to explain Lexus's hybrid model is the advantage of TA.

First of all, the biggest advantage of hybrid models is fuel-efficient, can improve fuel economy. In the high price of oil today, every time to refuel is the tangle of the mood ah, a few hundred, the annual cost is not a small sum of money. Talk about my own models it, generally like the same level with the ES300h models, 100 km fuel consumption basically have 10L, but my ES300h only 5.4L, which makes me very proud of the number, full of fuel than the same level of half , When people desperately in the gas station to run, in the gas station line up, I can easily pass by. And as a member of the global village, to protect the environment is bounden, as Auto Parts for LEXUS hybrid car owners, I also made a contribution to environmental protection, driving the same mileage, my ES fuel and exhaust emissions are less than others. Second, mute. This is really a big advantage, every time the engine is ignited, are very quiet, the car people do not even feel. And night home with pure electricity mode, then, not because the car noise disturbed neighbors to rest. This is really humane.

Second, the power of the upgrade. Auto Parts for LEXUS hybrid, the power system has an engine and motor, which is like a motor in the auxiliary engine, the car at full speed, the engine's power output and the battery at the same time to provide power to double the power to drive the car, so that the car's power performance To enhance a lot. Fourth, Lexus offers six or 150,000 kilometers of free warranty for hybrid cars, and my ES300h battery pack has 10 or 250,000 kilometers of warranty. This is definitely the absolute advantage of spike other brands of hybrid. But also I choose Lexus hybrid models of a major reason. Only to allow consumers to worry about, in order to allow consumers more peace of mind and calmly accept such a new hybrid technology. Only the quality and technology of the brand dare to do such a long commitment to quality assurance.

Moreover, the price is good. Why do I compare the cost to the Auto Parts for LEXUS hybrid model? Because the price is really very important considerations, cost-effective will naturally get more and more consumer recognition, and now more and more on the road Lexus hybrid models to illustrate this point, in China, consumers are gradually Approved Lexus hybrid models, and believe that Auto Parts for LEXUS hybrid models of sales is still getting higher and higher. In general, the prospect of the Auto Parts for LEXUS hybrid model is very good, which is the future trend of automotive power portfolio, in the new energy competition, Lexus accounted for the initiative!