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Vehicle maintenance should pay attention to detail
Feb 18, 2017


Puncture is driving the most afraid of what happened, so every day before the car, check the tire pressure is particularly important. The car is ready for a "barometer" in the cold when measured, the pressure value of about 2.2bar, this value is basically applicable to all models.


Battery maintenance is also very important, pay attention to whether the positive and negative lines are loose, regular inspection, remove the above oxide. To prevent the presence of water or other liquids between the positive and negative lines, to keep clean.


To get rid of a misunderstanding, that is, to the antifreeze plus too much water, because the antifreeze and water boiling point is not the same, the freezing point is not the same; another water there are many water alkali, easy to fouling. Antifreeze should not be added below the cordon.

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