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Super Bright Head Light (black,white)L/RH for TOYOTA REIZ GRX131/132 2010

Model Number:TJ3-11-ZL-A TJ3-11-ZR-A TJ3-11-HL-A TJ3-11-HR-A TJ3-11-DL-B TJ3-11-DR-B OEM:81170-0P060 L(White) 81130-0P060 R( White ) 81170-0P080 L(black) 81130-0P080 R (black) 81185-0P040 81145-0P040 Product name: head lamp Material:White with no xenon without turning (black without xenon)...


Model Number:TJ3-11-ZL-A   TJ3-11-ZR-A  TJ3-11-HL-A   TJ3-11-HR-A   TJ3-11-DL-B  TJ3-11-DR-B

OEM:81170-0P060  L(White) 81130-0P060  R(White)   81170-0P080 L(black) 81130-0P080 R (black)  81185-0P040   81145-0P040

Product name: head lamp

Material:White with no xenon without turning (black without xenon) (black with xenon)

Applicable models:TOYOTA REIZ GRX131/GRX132 2010

Applicable models year:2010-2012

Packing Details:

1. we can design the packing by your requirements but with bigger quantity  
2. if need wooden pallets, the customer needs to pay for the wooden pallet charges    

Welcome to buy the super bright head light (black,white)l/rh for toyota reiz grx131/132 2010 with low price from SPORAX. Coming in high quality and fine workmanship, the product made in China won't let you down.

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