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Our factory specializing in the manufacture of bumpers, the grilles and other decorative pieces of automotive plastic part. Equipped with 2200T, 780T, 220T series of one of the injection molding machine.


We expertise in the reverse development of products. We developed the mold and the manufacturing process is particularly suitable for the maintenance of the market more varieties, small quantities of customer demand characteristics. After many years of technology accumulation, we have achieved in the quality and cost of the advantages of global competitiveness.


We specialize in the manufacturing of automotive exterior trim plastic parts for Lexus, Toyota, Honda bumper, We have developed a large bumper mold with 98, grilles of 37 sets of mold, the other more than 200 sets of mold. The factory employees 48 people, plant 12,000 square meters.

"Respect, Responsibility, Loyalty" is the core of our enterprise culture.


Our factory is located in the developed Yangtze River Delta region, China's manufacturing industry, 200 km away from Shanghai. We strive to be a young and strong manufacturing enterprises, in this era of the Internet, actively participate in global division.